Two convicted in Karugutu and sent to Luzira IGG Reveals

Right Mr. Yeheyo Benon IGG Office Fort portal giving a speech at the RAC AGM

The office the Inspectorate of Government Rwenzori region has revealed that two people from karugutu were convicted and sent to Luzira . Mr. Yeheyo Benon frome the IGG office Fortpoart revealed he added that some corruption cases from the Rwenzori region had been sent to the Anti corruption court giving an example of a school in Karugutu, Ntoroko District where government had sent money to build science Labs but some individuals diverted it and mismanaged the money to their own businesses, he however said that the Anticorruption court convicted them and sent them to Luzira, Mr. Yeheyo Benon revealed this while attending the RAC Annual General Meeting in Booma fort portal, he however appealed to government to increase the budget for the IGG since it was under staffed with only 4 staff member responsible for the entire region,  arguing that this would help them handle cases in time, he added that the IGG  is always challenged with complaints from police to Resident State Attorneys  and court  where at times files are miss handled but in the end no correct feedback is given to the complainants.  He appealed RAC to extend our services to Bushenyi district where he is born the has no strong anticorruption activists

 Among other guests who attend, was the vice chairman Kabarole District Mr. Ikagobya Mosese who represented the chairperson LC5 Kabrole district, Mr.Ikagobya Moses hailed RAC for its good work saying the district scored highly in its performance in all sectors country wide. He said that as Fort portal prepares to obtain a city status and Tourism centre corruption will always be fought as a setback and he promised the district will always cooperate with RAC to meet ends

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