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Ighomerwa Primary school is a government aided school located in Bukonzo sub-county, in a hard-to reach village of Ighomerwa, Bundibugyo district.

Because of its location, access to power is a dream far from reach in this part of the country. It is for this reason that Save the Children in Uganda donated solar-led lamps to the school, to provide lights for the upper-class pupils to enable them carry on with their studies in the night.

Strangely, the head-teacher – Mr. Bisereko Wesley diverted the lamps from their intended purpose to distributing their personal gain. Recipients of these lamps included the head-teacher himself, the inspector of schools in charge of Bughendera county Mr, Byasalya Charles, as well as other teachers. The target beneficiaries of the lamps i.e. the pupils were only left with 5 out of the donated 30 lamps!

This unfortunate scenario was brought to RAC’s attention in October 2014 by a whistle-blower from the same school. Upon receiving the complaints, RAC embarked on a fact-finding mission into the allegations, involving the Bundibugyo district police.

The investigations resulted into the arrest of the school head-teacher and the school management committee, but were later released on police bond to enable them recover the misappropriated lamps.

The pressure mounted by RAC, the whistle-blower and the police yielded positive results; by February 2015, all the lamps had been recovered, and these were handed of over to the Senior Education Officer Mr Matte who will hand them over to the new head-teacher of Ighomerwa Primary school

RAC has been appreciated for the good work done and the appreciation letter we received  at secretariat.

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