Monitors influence recovery of 10 twin desks

RAC Monitors influence recovery of 10 twin desks worth 980,000/=

Letter by Headteacher appreciating RAC

Nyamukoijo Primary School is a government aided school located in Ntara sub-county, Kamwenge district. During one of their monitoring visits in Nyamukoijo Primary School, Ntara Branch monitors received reports of embezzlement of funds by the then sub-county chief of Ntara – Mr. Birungi Prima. The said funds equivalent to 980,000/= were meant to purchase a total of 10 twin desks.
However, when Mr. Birungi withdrew the said funds from the sub-county account, he decided to divert the funds for his personal gain.
Upon receipt of this report, the RAC monitors reported the case to various local leaders including the district councilors of Ntara. The councilors and the monitors teamed up and dug into the allegations. Their findings revealed that indeed, Mr. Birungi had diverted the said funds.
When approached, Mr. Baguma confessed that he had diverted these funds but was willing to return them. An agreement was reached upon which Mr. Baguma pledged and fulfilled his pledge by purchasing the said desks. These were handed over to the school, much to the benefit of the pupils of Nyamukoijo Primary school.
The Head teacher was very appreciative to RAC for their efforts in ensuring that the once embezzled funds for the desks were recovered and used to purchase the desks.
Below is a copy of the appreciation letter written by the head teacher to RAC:

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