What we do

  • Awareness creation and information sharing on corruption in the delivery of services.
  • Conducting social Audit in service delivery
  • Mobilize communities to resist corruption in all its forms
  • Monitoring  and tracking of public expenditure
  • Capacity building for community public expenditure monitors to track service delivery
  • Carry out analytical research on the poverty eradication policies and intervention
  • Expose and follow up of cases of corruption identified in the delivery of services
  • Lobbying and advocacy for pro-poor policies and actions at all levels
  • Provide a forum and support to anti corruption activists to meet and map strategies of fighting corruption in their society
  • RAC networks with both Civil Society and Government anti corruption agencies like Local Governments of Rwenzori region, the RDC’s office, the Regional IGG, CID, Regional; police commander and Inspector General of Police to expose and again support for cases of corruption identified and followed up. RAC is also a member of the District Integrity Forum.
  • RAC organizes public campaigns on specific issues and cases of corruption as exposed by the communities. These campaigns take the form of public dialogues atSubCounty, District and Regional level. Once a year RAC joins the rest of the country to mark the Anti Corruption Week which is organized under a specific theme.
  • Documentation of RAC’s anti-corruption work.
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Donate to end Corruption Your donation will make us achieve our mission of ending , poverty, injustice and empowering citizens to expose and cause action against corruption today in the Rwenzori region We’ve been working with communities around the Rwenzori Region for over 10 years and we know that the best way to fight poverty and injustice is to help grass root people access justice. By making a donation, you’ll be helping to provide long-term change — helping people access government services that include; education, health care, roads for better livelihoods. Donate to end Corruption

Donate to end Corruption